Student Testimonials

CF109 “Software QA and Software Testing” Online Program

I completed the CF109 Software QA and Testing course at Hitek Computer School, and I must say it was instrumental in securing a QA job. The curriculum covered everything from basic to advanced testing methods and tools. Doing practical tasks and looking at real-life examples made it easier to understand. The instructors were outstanding, they had a lot of experience and were always there to help. One of the best parts was the internship. It let me use what I learned in a real job, further improving my understanding of software testing practices.
Overall, I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to work in software testing. It provides you with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this area.

Alesia, Pierrefonds, QC, Email:

Hitek Computer School helped me change career paths with broad-reaching learning goals, good responsiveness from instructors and an internship after the coursework was completed. While the learning is self-paced, I really appreciated the availability of the instructors, both to answer questions and to assess assignments and return them promptly. The final lessons helped hone my resume and job readiness, with personalized feedback from the instructors that was relevant to this new field for me. Thank you, Hitek Computer School and all of the instructors!

Nathalie, Kelowna, BC, Email:

Hitek Computer School is an outstanding choice for anyone who wishes to acquire some real knowledge in the Quality Assurance field and as a result, obtain their dream job. The current market is highly in demand of candidates with fundamental knowledge of Quality Assurance, which is highly regarded by recruitment companies. You can certainly rely on Hitek Computer School for this type of knowledge. The course is well structured, the instructors are very supportive, and there is a lot of flexibility regarding assignment due dates. Most importantly, the company offers an internship program that allows you to gain real-world experience in the testing field. Within months of completing the internship, I received my first job offer.

Elena, Roseville, CA, Email:

It took me about 5 months to complete the Software Testing course at Hitek Computer School. Since I was unemployed at the time, I was able to dedicate 3-5 hours a day to studying. The program is well-organized and easy to follow. The format allows you to progress at your own pace and review the materials as much as needed. The theoretical part is concise and only includes relevant information necessary to understand the topic. I particularly liked that the school provided a project to test throughout the course, which was fully integrated with the learning materials and practical tasks. The second part of the course, which focused on automated testing, was especially interesting and somewhat challenging. The instructors were always available to answer my questions, usually responding within a few minutes or hours at the longest. They also provided detailed feedback on my assignments. After graduating, Hitek offered me an internship at a local company, which eventually led to me securing my first full-time permanent job as a Software Tester. I wholeheartedly recommend Hitek Computer School to anyone interested in entering the Software QA world. Good luck!

Sofya, Burnaby, BC, Email:

If you’re an aspiring Software QA Tester, I can’t recommend Hitek Computer School enough. The course is well-organized, making it easy to follow, and the instructors are both knowledgeable and supportive. Thanks to the practical skills I gained from the program, I was able to secure a job in software testing shortly after graduating. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to enroll in this course.

Georgy, Port Coquitlam, BC, Email:

As an immigrant who recently arrived in Canada, I was on the lookout for a training program that would help me to land in the software industry. This training program was exactly what I was looking for. The program was entirely online, but it was different from other online courses. At the end of each module, there were extensive assignments to complete, and if I faced any challenges, I could easily reach out to the instructors for support. Additionally, I could even post in the forum to get help from other students, which made the learning process much more collaborative. The training program was divided into three parts. In the first part, I gained essential knowledge about software testing methodologies. The second part provided me with a basic understanding of test automation, including Selenium, UFT, and other relevant tools. Finally, the third part covered other mandatory technical knowledge such as SQL, Virtualisation, Version Control, Unix, etc. which have proved to be incredibly beneficial to my resume. The training program also offered modules on creating resumes and preparing for interviews, which I found extremely useful. As soon as I completed the program, I secured an internship at a software company, which eventually led to my first full-time job in Canada. For any new students considering this program, I highly recommend not procrastinating and taking your studies seriously. Best of luck to you all.

Raisa, Coquitlam, BC, Email:

The course was well organized, clear, and easy to follow and the instructors were quite knowledgeable, supportive, and responsive. I highly recommend Hitek Computer School to everyone who is looking to start their career as Software QA Tester. They helped me develop all the necessary and practical skills to find a QA job right after graduation. I believe it’s the best course available online and I am very thankful for the experience.

Samira, Coquitlam, BC, Email:

A good school to learn software QA methodologies. The curriculum offers hands-on learning in both manual and automation testing. The instructors are also really helpful and supportive throughout the entire course.

Safitri, San Jose, CA, Email:

Hitek Computer School is the perfect option for someone who wants to change their career and start a new chapter to become an IT specialist. In my case, it was a smooth and fast transition – I had a job offer just right after graduation. The course is well-structured, written in an accessible way, and provides all the necessary knowledge to be a competitive candidate in the job market. Also, l would like to thank the instructors Oleg and Igor for their incredible support during the course.

Igor, Montreal, QC, Email:

As a Hitek graduate, I’m proud to recommend Hitek Computer School for anyone who is looking for a career in software testing. The course material is unique and well organized. The instructors are very professional and helpful, they are always ready to clear any of your doubts. I got a job in software testing on successful completion of the course, and the questions asked for the interview were all covered in the course.

Priya, Langley, BC, Email:

I would highly recommend this course if you are looking for a career as a QA/Software Tester. The course is very well structured and covers both Manual and Automation Testing concepts that you need to understand in the current job market. The instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced people who provided timely and helpful support throughout the course. The course also includes resume and interview preparation modules, which helped me to perform better in the interviews. Apart from all of that, the internship offered in this course gives you real-world experience and adds amazing value to your resume. After completing my internship, I got a job as a Software Tester. With no doubt, I can say it was possible only because of this course! If you are willing to work hard, then this is the course for you. If you have any questions regarding my experience, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Ann Mariya, Surrey, BC, Email:

Fair, well organized, and a good amount of material. If you are totally new to testing this is your course. This was my first time taking a class with Hitek Computer School, so the experience was unique to me. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I am very pleased with this format. The instructors were very knowledgeable, all the concepts were clearly explained and the corresponding assignments were useful to understand and implement the learned concepts. With this course, I was able to find my first job in the QA field a few months after graduating. I would definitely recommend Hitek Computer School to others.

Maria, Winnipeg, MB, Email:

The online course “Software QA and Testing” helped update my IT knowledge and taught me the latest and most relevant software testing methodologies, tools, and techniques. Participating in the internship gave me a sense of real software testing work and helped me land the job. Right after completing the course, I found a job as a software tester.

Saranya, Richmond, BC, Email:

Hitek Computer School’s Software QA and Testing program was a great experience. The course is concise, organized, and covers both manual to automated testing. The instructors are always available to help you if you get stuck somewhere. I found the most valuable part of the course was the internship, as it familiarizes you with the QA role in a company, as well as makes you stand out as an experienced applicant—which translates to more job opportunities. The interview section of the course prepares you to face the interviews confidently. The course helped me to get through the interview and to find a permanent job as a Software QA Analyst. If you have any further questions, you can reach out to me at my email mentioned below.

Harpreet, Abbotsford, BC, Email:

I had a great time doing the software testing program at Hitek Computer School. All of the instructors are a great help and responsive. The course content is extremely informative and covers all aspects of manual and automation testing. The course is without a doubt one of the best investments I have made in myself, and I am now reaping the benefits.

Deloniya, Vanderhoof, BC, Email:

I am very pleased with my experience in the Hitek Software QA Program. I liked the way the course was organized overall, and the structure of each module. The course gives you a solid foundation in software testing, as well as mastery over the latest testing tools you are expected to know to be marketable. I found it very valuable that automation testing was taught as well, as I think that gives you a leg up when you enter the market. The instructors were fantastic. They responded quickly and were very knowledgeable on the subject matter. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who is seriously considering a career in software quality assurance. Thank you Hitek!

Vijeta, Toronto, ON, Email:

For those looking to start their career as Software QA Testers, I would recommend Hitek without hesitation. I enrolled in the CF109 Software QA and Testing program, which I found to be very thorough and well-structured. The flow of the units is very user-friendly and flexible. The instructors were very helpful and fast to respond. They give individualized and detailed feedback for every assignment, as well as provide guidance with my resume, cover letter, and interview process. When I graduated, the pandemic had just started, so it was a challenge to find any job. But thanks to Hitek’s continuous support, I was able to gain experience with an internship provided by the school. Happily, the internship transformed into a QA Engineer job. After being in the role, I can confidently say that Hitek provided everything that I needed to land and succeed at the job. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to all of Hitek’s instructors for all their help and support throughout the program and after.

Iuliana, Vancouver, BC, Email:

Thanks to Hitek I found a job as a QA specialist!
The course is well structured with a solid theoretical part and extensive practical assignments. After completing the study, the school provided an internship with a Canadian company. During my internship, I participated in testing mobile apps, took part in Agile ceremonies, and used Jira for test case creation and bug reporting. After two months of internship, I found a permanent QA role in a local company. Hitek equipped me with the necessary skills and the local experience I needed.

Rozaliia, Vancouver, BC, Email:

I would definitely recommend Hitek Computer School as they helped me obtain the necessary skills to find the job as Software QA Engineer. The courses are concise, systematic, and cover all topics necessary to find a QA job.

Elena, Winnipeg, MB, Email:

If I had to summarize my experience with Hitek in one phrase, it would be: “Great opportunities—if you work hard!” I am so glad I took this course. It allowed me to get into the IT field and land my dream job. I highly recommend the Software QA and Software Testing course. It is very well structured and prepares you with all the necessary knowledge needed for the field. In addition, the program provides an internship, which gives great practical support.

Lyudmyla, Toronto, ON, Email:

I dived into the world of QA and discovered its potential for exploring so many new directions. This course covered the fundamentals of software testing methodologies while providing the best industry practices and intensive practical assignments for testing web and mobile applications. Hitek school gave me great start to my career. I gained a breadth of experience in QA: test planning and test case design, proficiency in all level of testings, knowledge of Relational Databases and Test Automation tools, and more. I am now applying and expanding my knowledge and experience at one of the largest high-tech telecom company in Canada. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Ekaterina, Pincourt, QC, Email: 

I chose Hitek after spending a lot of time researching different programs. I found a lot of options online, but none guaranteed internship placements. Hitek provided me with an internship after graduation — an invaluable experience that exposes you to real-life issues. I landed a job within 7 months of enrollment— with no previous testing experience! This course covers everything from manual to automation testing. You can ask the instructors anytime about anything, throughout the whole course. They clarify things in a very straightforward manner. The course covers core concepts of software testing and highlights the important details of the process—all in a very easy-to-understand way. I highly recommend this course to those who want to build their career in software testing. I personally think it’s the best course available online and I am very thankful for the experience.

Manpreet, Surrey, BC,  Email:

I am very satisfied with Hitek Computer School’s QA program. In my opinion, this program is the best way for someone who wants to change their career field. The program is very extensive and provides enough knowledge to get your first job in the area of software testing. Special thanks to the instructors who help and support throughout the course.

Alesia, North Vancouver, BC,  Email:

I am grateful to Hitek Computer School. It was amazing and 100% practical experience that allowed me to gain up-to-date knowledge and understanding of best practices in the QA field. I would like to note the importance of detailed and fair feedbacks that instructors provided after each assignment. It was one of the crucial moments that determined the success of this course for me. The Software Test Automation part of the course was especially useful. I was able to get my first job in QA after one month of internship only with experience that I got with JAVA and Selenium during the course. I can definitely recommend CF109 “Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing” program for people who want to switch their careers to the IT field.

Andrei, Vancouver, BC, Email:

I feel so happy that I found Hitek Computer School to help me out. The course contents are very detailed and clear. The assignments are challenging and very helpful in learning things. The instructors are very good and would respond as soon as possible on any queries, doubts, grading assignments or even other questions about the software testing job market. The course helped me a lot to get through the interview and find a job.

Ranjani, Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Email:

The course gave me a very good grip on the knowledge and experience to jump-start a new career in IT. Being able to complete it online and at my own pace was very convenient. Both instructors were knowledgeable, supportive and efficient at reviewing assignments, as well as always available to answer my questions. The practicum at the end of the course was instrumental for gaining real-world experience. I found a job that I love within few months of completion. If you feel like asking me personally about my experience, you are welcome to email me.

Irina, Vancouver, BC, Email:

I enjoyed the Software QA and Testing course from the first day I started. I found it to be very thorough, and each lesson very thought out and comprehensive. The instructors, Oleg and Igor, were always ready to help and were easy to reach. As a stay at home mom prior to the course, I was excited to get back on the job market—and thanks to the course and the internship I participated in through Hitek, I felt capable and highly-skilled. After a few interviews, I landed a position in an international company based in the US, working as a verification and validation engineer. I can honestly say that I applied the information I learned from the course everyday, and it made the early stages of the position so much easier. I really recommend the course to anyone thinking about a career in software quality assurance and testing.

Iryna, Penfield, NY, Email:

I would say that Hitek Computer School gives you all the tools needed in order to get your first job in the QA field even without experience. The learning materials cover everything you need to know and are easy to follow and understand, including interview preparation and resume writing (which really helped me with my job interview!). For me, the most important factor was that Hitek Computer School provides internships, which is gaining job experience while studying, and eventually getting references to help you land your job. Another important thing, is that you can do it in your own pace, build your own schedule. It was really important for me, as I had a full-time job (not in the QA or IT field), and it helped me take the course without having to quit my job. The instructors were always there to help and answer any questions I had in a timely manner (sometimes within minutes!!).
I would definitely recommend Hitek Computer School!

Pavel, Winnipeg, MB, Email:

I came across Hitek Computer School through internet and I am glad that I joined Hitek. The course helped me in gaining QA knowledge and helped me in building a foundation which I needed. The course helped me in finding a job in the Canadian market by providing sufficient QA knowledge. Although I had experience in the home country, I was finding it hard to find job when I first came to Canada, but by the end of the course I landed with two job offers. Throughout the course, Instructors of the course Oleg and Igor were very helpful and cleared all my doubts which helped me in building my knowledge. Thank you Hitek!

Athulya, Burnaby, BC, Email:

Before considering taking a course in the QA, I researched it extensively and compared different course providers. I decided to choose Hitek Computer School. In my opinion, their course offered the most important advantages for students who want to increase their knowledge and start their career path in Software QA industry, for the following reasons:

  1. The course is well designed and well structured. It gives all the necessary knowledge, such as QA Methodologies, Testing Approaches, Software Development Life Cycle, Test Automation, Load and Performance Testing, Usage of Defect Tracking Systems, Version Control, and Test Management.
  2. The assessment process is well developed and consists of extensive support, actual knowledge assessment and one of the most important – professional feedback.
  3. Also, students are able to implement their knowledge in the real-time project during the course.
  4. Last but not least, students have the opportunity to participate in an internship after course completion and get real experience under their belts.

I commend Hitek Computer School and their QA Program as professionally developed, well-organized knowledge base for future QA Engineers. In case, you want to ask me additional questions, please feel free to contact me via email.

Maxim, New Westminster, BC, Email:

Hitek Computer School gave me an invaluable experience and allowed me to painlessly change my career within less than a year. I was looking for a course that included both manual and automation testing, and Hitek Computer School was the perfect choice. I did not have any experience in QA or even in IT in general, but thanks to the course structure the learning experience went smoothly. I got an internship position upon graduation, and, after gaining a few months of work experience, was able to find a full-time job. It is also helpful to go back to the course material from time to time to have some guidance in writing test cases and organizing your working process.

Lolita, Vancouver, BC, Email:

My first time interacting with Software Testing and IT, in general, was through Hitek Computer School. It’s a nice learning experience, no pressure, plenty of time to overview each and every lesson. Assignments tasks are designed in a way so that students will be involved in real testing, designing and executing test cases using management and automation tools that are widely used in this industry. Teachers are responsive and were always willing to help. I gained fundamental knowledge regarding software QA and confidence within a course while delivering tasks on time. After course completion, practice is provided that is very helpful and highly recommended! Thanks to this course I got a job within one month after graduation.

Natalia, Vancouver, BC, Email:

I came from an accounting background. It wasn’t a good fit for me, mainly because I don’t really look forward to processing other people’s bills for the rest of my life, and the salary wasn’t too high either. One of my friends recommended me Hitek’s course as a good transition into the IT world. I finished the course in four months. It was hard because I worked full-time and was only able to devote 10 hours per week studying. But looking back at it now, I can say it was the right decision. I found a new job in Toronto after only a month of intensive searching. I landed two offers, the salaries of which were higher than what I had asked for in the interview! To match my current salary in the accounting world, I would have to spend a couple more years upskilling and gain way more experience.
Not only did the course gave me all the knowledge I needed to find a job, I received a deep understanding of software testing and quality assurance, latest tools, techniques and methodologies. It allows me to perform all my work tasks without additional training. I even feel like I know more than some experienced testers. What stood out to me about the course was the internship. It gave me practical skills and allowed me to show previous QA experience in my resume so I didn’t experience the terrible “imposter syndrome” feeling during interviews. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to move into the Software Testing field but isn’t sure where to start. It turned out to be a lot less scary and a lot more fun than I expected! Thank you to the Hitek Team!

Olesya, Toronto, ON, Email:

I moved to Toronto early this year. I had some experience in the IT industry, but after 3 months of rigorous job search, I realized that the skill set I had was not sufficient for the Toronto job market. I was interested in test automation and decided to up-skill myself. I found out about Hitek Computer School from the newspaper. I checked out the website, Facebook page and student testimonials. After trying the sample lesson and clarifying all my questions with Hitek admin, I was convinced that this course would benefit me. I signed up for the ‘CF 109 Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing’ online course. The course content is well framed, very organized and wholesome. A person who has no prior IT experience can follow it as well. It starts with the basics and gradually transitions to advanced concepts. It provides a good understanding of Quality Assurance, Manual Testing and Automation Testing. The quizzes, assignments and tests are challenging and feels awesome when completed and get a good score. The practical assignments helped me the most. They made me understand the testing cycle, writing good quality bug reports, setting up environments for testing, automating test cases.

The icing on the cake is how the course taught me to portray my work in the best way possible — how to be as clear and straight to the point: the best practices, do’s and don’ts. I believe that when a lot of effort and hard work is put into accomplishing a task, it is important to portray the outcome in a way that people understand easily. Otherwise the effort might go unnoticed and underappreciated. This is a valuable lesson I learnt!

Oleg and Igor who were my instructors were very quick in response. They clarified any questions I had. They evaluated my assessments and provided clear explanations for the questions I got wrong. When I was half way through Test Automation lessons, I got a job offer for a Test Automation role with a prestigious client in the banking domain. If it weren’t for Hitek Computer School, passing this interview would have been very difficult. Thank you so much!

Shrita, Toronto, ON, Email: 

When I moved to the United States, I was 53. Despite having a successful academic and business background back home, the only work I managed to find was as a glass plant laborer. When I first found out about Hitek Computer School, I had my doubts about whether it could really change my career path at my age. I expressed these concerns with Oleg, who connected me with a graduate around the same age, who came from a similar background. It was inspiring to hear and learn about his success after graduating Hitek Computer School. I realized that my fears were overrated, and marketability actually depended more on proper training and related work experience—which Hitek provides. I took the dive and enrolled. Upon completing the course and two internships, I began searching for a QA job. It wasn’t easy. I sent many applications, had dozens of phone interviews, and four onsite interviews. But in the end, finally, I was offered a permanent position with a salary I had never even dreamt of!

About the course itself — the course content is detailed and well-explained. It feels readable and easily understandable to non-technical people. There is an excellent presentation of software QA philosophy and methodology coupled with quizzes and scrupulous practical examples following every lesson. The responses from the instructors were always prompt and supportive. Another important thing I’d like to acknowledge is the thorough interview training, which is SO important.
All you need to succeed in this is persistence, curiosity, and most importantly, a belief in yourself.

Igor, Portland, OR, Email: 

Hitek Computer School really helped me to develop my QA skills to fit in the ever changing tech industry. The offered courses were so detailed yet simplified for anyone to understand even without prior tech experience. Doing more assignments and actual work was my favorite part of the course. Apart from specific software skills, the course also covers general software industry information. The most notable thing during the course was the great instructors, who are very knowledgeable and genuinely care about their students and constantly update the course with new information as the technology changes. The course offers a real time application to work on, internship, interview tips and all the advice one could get to land a job. I would highly recommend Hitek Computer School to anyone looking to have a career in Software testing.

Karthikeyan, Victoria, BC, Email:

Hitek Computer School is such an awesome and wonderful school with a good selection of courses. I was delighted to enroll in the CF109 Software QA and Software Testing Program. It not only covers manual testing but also popular automation tools with a handful of practical applications, which are popular and in demand. It has been a pleasure to complete this course under the supervision of instructors Oleg and Igor, who are very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. The internship provided in this course is a vital step in the path of success because you get the maximum amount of exposure to an almost-identical to workplace IT environment. After my first internship, I was able to find a job in a reputed company. I am really thankful to my instructors whose guidance and quick responses to my queries are incredible. I would highly recommend this school, and especially this course to anyone who is interested in software testing. I feel honoured to have had this experience. Thank you so much.

Kiran, Richmond, BC, Email: 

Hitek Computer School is a great place to learn and enhance your skills and then getting internship is the advantage they provide. I would definitely recommend the QA course at Hitek School. Course materials are very useful and up to the mark. I got the job after finishing my course over here.

Nidhi, Edmonton, AB, Email:

I am glad that I decided to take this course. I switched my career path drastically when I went from Mining Technologies field to IT/QA field. At first I was worried that I won’t be able to handle the program and that I will struggle just as much in finding a job in QA field as I did in Mining. However, the CF 109 “Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing” program was structured nicely and gradually increased in complexity with instructors ready to answer any of the questions that I had. At the end of the program I was offered a few internship positions which in the long run would add valuable experience to my profile, within 3-4 weeks of finishing this program and starting an online internship I received a job offer from an ISV company. Currently, I am working as Jr. Quality Analyst with a team which develops ERP software. I would recommend this program for people who want a career in IT.

Komil, Burnaby, BC, Email:

I’m so glad that my friend recommended Hitek Computer School to me. This course was a turning point in my life in Canada. It helped me start my new career as QA Analyst at a big international company. The course offers a comprehensive and a well-structured program with the practical assignments. The instructors are very knowledgeable and responsive to all questions and concerns. I was able to get my first testing experience with the internships provided by the school. Upon training completion, I was fully prepared for job interviews and felt confident. Now, I can say that I’m absolutely happy with my career and have further plans to grow as a Software QA. I highly recommend “Software QA and Software Testing” to those who want a fresh start and a successful career in a well-paid IT job segment. Thank you Hitek!

Yuliya, Burnaby, BC, Email:

Hitek Computer School is an ideal training institute for people interested in making a career in Software Quality Assurance and Software testing. The course is very systematic and introduces the topics in a very gradual but effective way. My favorite part of the course is – assignments! All the assignments are practical and  challenging. I never felt overwhelmed by the course content. The instructors are informative, helping and encouraging. With a 1 yr old at home, this online course what what I needed to push my career to the next level. Thank you Hitek.

Neha, Surrey, BC, Email:

This is a great course for anyone looking to start a new career with lots of opportunity. I got more value out of this class than I did from a 4-year college degree. The assignments provide both theory and hands-on testing work so that you are 100% ready when it comes time to interview. In a span of a year and a half I doubled my salary and feel confident that there’s plenty of room for even more growth in my career.

Paul, Philadelphia, PA, Email:

Here is my story. I had no QA experience before arriving in Canada. After completion the “Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing” course, I landed a six-month internship. At the end, I got a QA Engineer position in a very successful company. These facts speak for themselves. What do you need in order to reproduce my success? A desire to be a QA professional and knowledge of WHAT to do in QA and an understanding about HOW to get a job. Hitek Computer School will give you all of this, but your desire is your own responsibility. The instructors are not only professionals in the IT field, but they genuinely care about their students. I got support from them even after my course was finished. Looking back, I can see that Hitek Computer School was an extremely important stepping stone in my new career in Canada. I believe Hitek Computer School is the place to start!

Andrei, Burnaby, BC, Email:

I have really enjoyed taking the QA course from Hitek School. Both instructors are very professional and have very good teaching methodology. Course material is up to date and well organized. I was able to find a job within a month after graduating. Would wholeheartedly recommend Hitek Computer School!

Ivana, Toronto, ON, Email:

My story. New to place with no idea of the labor market and also no experience in QA. Hitek Computer School had helped me to make my decision regarding my career in QA. The lessons are well organized, full of examples which really help to understand the topic. The most valuable part of the entire course is “Assignments”; it consists of exercises which give hands-on practice to compete with the real world. The quiz and interview preparation at the end of each lesson helps to increase the confidence level. The instructors are very attentive in answering to questions.

Shalini, Vancouver, BC, Email:

Excellent course, well organized and conducted, and memorable. It had thoughtful theories, models, many quality assessments and tests. The whole process was really interesting and engaging. The amount of provided help and confidence was tremendous. All these gave me strong support going forward in my career… My only advice to anybody doing it in the future would be to go in with an open mind, be prepared to read Units more than one time, get stuck in, accomplish tasks and finally, as the result, to develop perfect QA skills!!!! Overall, it was very competent, actionable and informative experience. Highly recommended.

Dmitry, Burnaby, BC, Email:

I have just completed Hitek Computer School’s course in Software Quality Assurance. The course has taught me valuable skills that I have immediately put into practice in my role as a Quality Assurance Analyst. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The materials were easy to read and well structured. The distance learning really suited me as I work full time, but I found that I still had plenty of time to get the required assignments completed on time. The instructor coaching and support were excellent during the course, through the internship, and until I got my job position. The internship program offered by Hitek helped me gain real work experience and further helped me secure a position with reputed organization. Thanks so much! I strongly recommend this course for anyone who wants to succeed in IT.

Preeti, Surrey, BC, Email:

The course is very organized and contains only information you’ll need in your practical life as a Software Tester. Instructors are very helpful and responsive and know what they are doing, that’s for sure. Upon graduation and after 7 weeks of job searching after my fourth interview got the full time permanent position at as an SQA Engineer. This changed my life. Not in a financial way (I had pretty decent salary as a Procurement Analyst) but now I am doing what I like at work not AFTER work… I am happy. Thank You, HiTek!

Vladimir, Portland, OR, Email:

I am very grateful to my friend who recommended Hitek Computer School to me. I had a post graduate diploma in computer application from the back home country. However, I was not able to get a job after arriving Canada. After I enrolled I was able to get my first full time permanent job as a Software Tester just after 4 months. This  course offers a very comprehensive and a well-structured program with the practical assignments. The instructors are very knowledgeable, helpful and very quick to emails regarding any questions and concerns. I am happy that I chose Hitek school. I highly recommend “Software QA and Software Testing” to those who want to start their career in a well-paid IT sector.

Sonika, Vancouver, BC, Email:

If you really want to change your career and to work in a nice, professional environment in less than in a year – then Hitek Computer School is the right choice for you. I was an online student. The course is very organized and contains only information that you will need in your practical work. The course load is intense, so be ready to devote a lot of time for studying if you are really serious about getting a new career in the IT field. It took me 6 months to complete the CF109 Software QA and Software Testing course. I found a job a few weeks after receiving my certificate. The material is easy to read and well structured. The practical part is awesome. You will do a lot of practical assignments and get real skills needed for the job. Instructors are very professionals and supportive. Thanks so much for all their help. I will recommend this course for anyone who wants to succeed in IT.

Maryna, Burnaby, BC, Email: 

I highly recommend this course because the syllabus is designed in such a way that people from non-IT background can also choose this to change their career. Well structured assignments, timely support, and proper feedback are really appreciable. The internship is a part of this course and helped me to gain Canadian IT field experience, which is really a bonus when I started the job search. After completing this course, I got a job as a Software tester. Thank you Hitek!

Manju, Delta, BC, Email:

I never thought that Hitek Computer School could change my life in the way I became ‘live’ again. Even though I had some experience being QA in the past in my home country, here I gained necessary knowledge required to become ‘expert’ on the Canadian market. Automation and an internship with real companies this is what I needed for success. Hitek Computer School not only provided with both but always kept track on my achievements and gave me very valuable advice. It does take the time to succeed but if you have a dream, it will come true as you go with Hitek School!!!!

Natalia, Abbotsford, BC, Email:

I would recommend Hitek’s QA program to anyone who is interested in finding job as a software QA. After finishing the QA program at Hitek school, I was able to found a good QA job immediately. This program improved my QA skills in all the areas that the IT industry is looking for. It also include excellent lessons preparing students for job interviews. Their customer service as an online school was very good. They always responded to my questions kindly and promptly. I had a good experience with Hitek computer school.

Mojdeh, Delta, BC, Email:

I’m very grateful for this course. The course is very well structured and understandable. I see that you are constantly adding and changing the content of lessons, ‘keeping your finger on the pulse’. All the tools, programs, remote access, downloading … in general everything were done at the highest level. It is clear that a lot of effort has been invested into this project. Thanks to your course I’m already working as a QA Analyst. I wish You and your project to achieve all possible heights!!!

Alexander, Burnaby, BC, Email:

A comprehensive course with clear instructions, valuable information and lots of practice. This course helped me develop skills and knowledge relevant to professionals in my field and find a job very quickly. Most importantly, questions asked in job interviews, are covered in the course. I enrolled in Hitek school 3 months ago. Today, I have a well paid job. Thank You HItek!

Natalya, Burnaby, BC, Email:

I do not regret for having this training. This is the best training I could have: a real hands-on training. This is what I needed. Hitek Computer School and staff are amazingly very organized and disciplined. Before my enrollment I asked many questions to staff to see whether I was doing the best thing or I was not at the wrong place. Every single question was clearly answered. Everything I was promised was realized, with the possibility to customize the training. I thank you so much!
The courses are very well structured. Every single course let you to reach its objective at the end of each course by the accomplishment of your assignments. The contents of courses are concisely designed in the way you can easily understand the matter. There is not any useless phrase/literature in the courses. Even if you are francophone like me, with a minimum of English skill, you will not have any problem to understand the content or jargon of the courses. However, every time you have questions, the staff is there to answer any of your questions. All the time the instructors have been available to answer my questions on the basis of there is no dumb question. Also, they assisted me with writing my resume and cover letter before internship and will do so after the internship, as a part of my training. Finally, taking the training on-line let me studying in the comfort of my home and on my own pace.
It was important for me to have an internship. I was promised an internship when I enrolled, and after I submitted my last assignment, an internship was ready the next day for me and was put in contact with a company. I found this training efficient and fabulous so I am confident that at the end of my internship I will get a job without any problem: I am positive. And I strongly recommend Hitek Computer School to everyone interested in SQA & Software Testing training. Thank you again, Hitek, your are professionals!

Herve, Gatineau, QC, Email:

I completed the Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing program a bit more than a year ago. I had no previous technical experience and I found the content of the course very informative and interesting with great examples and practical tasks. The subject matter was covered thoroughly; the instructors were always helpful and knowledgeable. Now, I work in a small Vancouver-based IT company and can state that a lot of the content, processes and procedures that I was taught in Hitek are used within my workplace. This course became a good start for my new career in Canada, so I would definitely recommend it.

Tatiana, Burnaby, BC, Email:

It’s been about three months since I completed Software Quality Assurance Course from Hitek Computer School, and so far I have not once regretted my decision. I love my new occupation. I am working as a Software Quality Assurance Specialist. I want to thank Hitek Computer School for all the hard work they did for this to become a reality. Thank you for your time, your support, and thank you for really CARING about all the students like me and doing your best to help us fulfill our dreams. I am impressed by your professionalism, attention to details, and your assistance in finding a job. It was my great honour to be studying in such a great school. I recommend Hitek Computer School to anyone who is interested in becoming a Software Tester. To those who are still not quite sure about what to choose I’d like to remind: it’s never easy to change something in your life and make a fresh start – but don’t be afraid to try. It’s worth it.

Marina, Richmond, BC, Email:

I would like to thank all your team for your help and patience provided during those months I was trying to learn something new and completely different from what I usually used to do. It was interesting, captivating (especially second half of course) and quite tough while trying to find out the source of problems. I have highly appreciated this course. Thanks a lot.

Catherine, Montreal, QC, Email:

Thank you so much! This course is opened for me not only new opportunities in the labor market but also allowed to structure my knowledge in the field of software testing and QA. The course is very well prepared and covers all the necessary areas of the software testing. Thanks, Oleg and Igor who always been in touch and helped to deal with some difficult things.

Eugene, Victoria, BC, Email:

Hitek Computer School gave me the necessary knowledge and skills to become successful in obtaining a job in the IT industry, right after the internship. I have become well acquainted with the instructors who coached me and guided me throughout the learning process. In them, I saw the role models who taught me to troubleshoot better and faster, communicate effectively and courteously, and most importantly,  become empowered with the information they have so diligently shared with me. They were kind and generous, understanding, and compassionate, they have managed to balance the learning process in such a way that it was both challenging and entertaining. The material of the CF109 course is well organized, easy to comprehend, and up to date. The practice assignments are a carefully crafted mixture of hands-on tasks and quizzes, that reinforce the material taught in the preceding chapters while building practical skills. The highlights were the truly irreplaceable internship experience, which is a real-world model of a work environment that gets students up to speed with industry standards and best practices.

Danylo, Burnaby, BC  

When I moved to Canada, my main goal was to find an interesting job in IT area. The Software Quality Assurance Course from Hitek Computer School helped me adjust my knowledge to local requirements, receive new skills and – one of the most important things – get internship, after which I was able to receive valuable references from a local employer. I really recommend this course to people who are interested in working in QA. I also want to thank instructors for their great job.

Natalia, Burnaby, BC

Hitek Computer School course material and assignments were so practical oriented and is designed such that it covered all the fundamental areas that a good tester should be familiar with. Preparing Resume and Interview questions were the most helpful section and it gave me an idea of what employers expect from the interview candidate. Additionally, Internship provided me hands on experience. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in Software testing. Thanks a lot!

Bhavana, Victoria, BC

Hitek Computer School provides excellent training in software testing and QA and has one of the most affordable prices for onsite and online courses. Those courses are being updated frequently to suit evolving IT industry. Instructors are very knowledgeable, respond fast to inquiries, and willing to assist in many ways for you to succeed. I graduated from taking the main CF109 online course, and after my internships (which were set up by Hitek Computer School as well), I was able to get a job right away as Software Tester & QA and Support. I am highly recommending to take classes from Hitek Computer School, either to start your career in software testing or to enhance your knowledge and continue your education in the amazing field of computer science.

Igor, Denver, CO

I thoroughly enjoyed the course designed by Hitek Computer School. The tutorials gave me a strong base and allowed me to practice what I learned via practical assignments. The feedback provided by the mentors was very helpful and they were always quick to reply to my questions.  I was very confident at my interview and got a job a month after completing the course. I highly recommend this course to all who are interested in software testing.

Jinu, Surrey, BC

Hitek Computer School provides excellent training for a career in Software Quality Assurance and Software testing. The course material is up-to-date, systematic, and well written. The assignments are very intelligently designed and extremely interesting – makes one want to do more! The instructors who are experts in the field are very quick in marking assignments and they provide useful feedback. This course also provides hands-on practice with various tools. Within a very short space of time I learedt so many different tools I cannot even imagine. I am happy I did this course. I recommend it!

Krishna, Ottawa, ON

The course of Software Quality Assurance offered by the school is the best that I could find. Looking back, I can tell that the course covers absolutely everything that is necessary to find a job in the industry. Besides theory, the course contains lots of practical exercises, assignments and quizzes after each lesson. Lessons are carefully crafted, and contain a lot of information in compressed, but easy to understand form, even for students without previous programming experience. The course not only covers manual and automation testing and most popular tools, but the whole QA process. It also gives you excellent resources to research on your own and get knowledge in database development, UNIX operating system, different models of software development practices and such. Very important part of the course is teaching you how to make a good resume, cover letter, how to behave during an interview and possible interview questions. I found this a very valuable experience as I had 7 interviews in my first 2 weeks after finishing the course, and was able to find the job. 90% of questions asked by the employers were covered in the course. Finally, I would like to thank people from Hitek School for their effort. Good job, guys.

Alex, Vancouver, BC

This course has exceeded my expectations. Comprehensive theoretical material, excellent practice, great career tips, and such a caring attitude! Within a few months after finishing the course, I have sent around 30 resumes, had 3 interviews, and got a full-time job as a Software QA Analyst. Thank you, Hitek! Good luck, future testers!

Natalia, Toronto, ON

I took the course for six months and after a month later, I got a full time position as a quality analyst. It is a great experience to study this online software testing course. The instructors are nice and very helpful.

Eva, Richmond, BC

I must say, I had a large dose of doubts about this course at the beginning. I feared that even if the course was good, how easy would it be for a mid-aged woman to change careers and find a job? I started searching for jobs immediately after graduation while still finishing my internship provided by the school. Within first month, I had 2 interviews and got a job offer after the second one. Looking back now on my experience with Hitek Computer School, I must say that the software testing training they provide is more than adequate. There is a lot of theory and exams, but the real highlight of the learning process in Hitek is the large amount of practical assignments that give students practical skills in testing. Throughout the process I always felt that the teachers at Hitek were cheering me on from start to finish, and they were ready to assist me in any problem that I had. That meant a lot for me, and it encouraged to continue in times of difficulty. Thank you!

Helen, Toronto, ON

Hitek computer school was an awesome choice. After searching on internet for weeks to find a decent online school, I found their website and after reading and sampling I had a good vibe about the creators of that school. So, I enrolled and began my studies. I really enjoyed the precision of information, tests and practical skills this program allowed me to develop. I studied at home, during hours convenient for me. I learned and practiced exactly what is needed to get a job in this profession. I also liked the support and help with resume. Getting a job was easier that I had expected.

Tanya, Toronto, ON

I was really happy to find out that the Course contained not just theoretical and practical parts, but also really big and full chapter to help you get ready a Resume, Cover Letter and the most important – an Interview Questions. Speaking about the first part (theory and practice) I would say it’s very easy to learn. Speaking “easy” I don’t mean it’s not serious, but it gives you a chance to go through it step by step and finally -you get understanding of basic principles and methods of testing.

Second part of the course – “Test Automation” is different from the other lessons – some programming experience would be an asset. But even without one everybody can get basic knowledge and skills to start working with Automation tool, and it’s really great and interesting opportunity! The course is written in really clear and gradual manner, so you’ll feel confident, doing it step by step.Try to do every task several times (even if it works fine from the first) cause it will give you good understanding of principles tool’s work. Now, after graduation and getting a job I can say that the course was just great! On the one hand it gave me enough knowledge and skills to start working, one the other hand – I’ve got excellent training to be ready for an Interview. So if you decide to become a Tester – don’t hesitate – you’ve found the best course to make you ready for it!

Anna, Coquitlam, BC, Email:

Taking this course has helped me to start a new career in IT. The course is great for people who are new in IT or testing. It’s great because it gives not only knowledge, but experience in software testing and quality assurance services. Also, I could not have appreciated the interview training part of the course any more. I will recommend this course to anyone who seriously consider making Software quality assurance his/her new career turn.

Veronika, Burnaby, BC

I found the content to be well structured and organized, providing me with a solid, practical foundation in Software Testing. The course really came to life with practical assignments and quizzes, both fun and challenging and making sure I was absorbing the content. I would definitely recommend this course!

Peter, Denver, CO

This course is very well structured and the lessons are presented in simple language that is easy to understand. It gives you a deep knowledge and understanding of software testing methodologies, as well as prepares you for a job interview. The most important thing is that you not only get good theoretical knowledge, but real software testing experience, which is essential for future work. The big advantage of this course is that while having a full time job I was able to study at my own pace. Although I was enrolled in an online version of the course, I got all the help and support I needed from the course instructor to successfully complete it. I recommend this course to everyone who really thinks about a career in software testing. smile

Dmitry, Burnaby, BC

The course was well prepared, organized and compiled. The instructors were well-qualified and helpful. It’s worth it to get involved in that online course. Thanks a lot!

Edward, Toronto, ON

It was important for me to be able to study at my own pace and never feel pressure or stress to meet any deadlines. This allowed me to have as much time as I needed to fully understand the material as well as keep my other daily activities. The instructor, who was supportive and knowledgeable, helped me so much whenever I need throughout the course. And the greatest thing is that I found a job in only 3 weeks after graduation!

Karina, Coquitlam, BC

In general the course was great, the content was impressive and the way the information was presented was simple, straightforward and easy to understand. I think the best thing in the course were the practical assignments, which were exactly what I hoped and expected with an online course. Nice job! Thanks!

Marina, Portland, OR

An excellent course with good instruction and good materials. Thank you!

Alex, Richmond, BC

CF110 “Software QA and Software Testing” In-class Program

I want to thank you so much for everything you’ve done for our class and myself. I’ve never felt so good in the sence of accomplishment in the last 10 years. That’s how much I enjoyed learning all this new stuff for the past 2 months. The course was worth every single penny to me. I’m gonna miss going to school on Mondays and Fridays. Thank you!

Gatis, Burnaby, BC

Hi all! I really recommend taking the Testing Software Applications course. It gives students the necessary experience and knowledge in testing and QA. The school can be a good start or an upgrade of your career. Oleg really cares for his students during the course and even afterwards, and provides all the essential materials and information. It is very exciting to be a tester. You help build the best flawless software.

Natasha, Vancouver, BC

Hello all! ‘Software QA and Software Testing’ is the only decent QA course I was able to find in Vancouver and area. It is a well delivered and it covers all the important part of the QA process. The learning process is well built and allows you to easily navigate through the terms and definitions. The major advantage of this course is that we did a lot of practical assignments. We were introduce to a real defect-tracking tool and tested an application full of errors. It was excellent opportunity to work almost as the real testers at the real work place. I actually finally understood what it takes to be a tester. I started my job hunt in early July, had a few interviews and finally received a job offer only within 4 weeks after the completion of the course. I truly appreciate all the effort our instructor invested into my classmates and me. If you want more feedback from me about this course, please do not hesitate contacting me.

Elena, North Vancouver, BC, Email:

Hi everybody! I’ve just graduated this course. Only positive emotions! All studying materials, all lessons were provided in very interesting and popular manner. I found the method of teaching very comprehensive and effective at the same time. The course was very much worth the money. If you need any advice and recommendation to make a decision of taking this course feel free to contact me any time. Good luck!

Andrew, Richmond, BC

It was a very rewarding experience to take this course… I have learned more than I ever expected. I’ve gained confidence and security in my testing skills and I’ve learned so much.The course is very thorough, with well-written instructions and plenty of exercises. I was able to find a job 3 months after graduation and received great support from the instructor in my job search process. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to start their career in IT and Software QA.

Tatiana, Vancouver, BC

I really recommend Hitek School to anyone who is looking for an opportunity to become a Software QA Professional. Oleg is an excellent teacher with a lot of experience – whose classes were informative and interesting at the same time. I am very grateful to my instructor for all the support and guidance he has provided me with. For anyone interested in a career in Software QA testing, Hitek Computer School is the perfect option.

Yelena, Burnaby, BC