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Practical Software Quality Assurance Training

Program description:

The program delivers the skills and knowledge of how to perform in-depth manual and automated testing and ensure that the software under test:

  1. works according to its requirements;
  2. is reliable;
  3. is functional; and
  4. is easy to use.

QA Training Toronto 

Hitek Computer School (Vancouver, BC) delivers comprehensive online QA courses.

The Software Quality Assurance Training we offer covers the following:

  1. Software testing methodology;
  2. Defect tracking;
  3. Web testing;
  4. Mobile testing;
  5. Software architecture;
  6. Unix;
  7. Relational Databases and SQL;
  8. Virtualization;
  9. Configuration Management/Version Control;
  10. Capability Maturity Models;
  11. TestLink;
  12. Elementool;
  13. Jira;
  14. Selenium WebDriver with Java and TestNG;
  15. UFT;
  16. WebLOAD;
  17. SoapUI;
  18. REST API;
  19. Maven;
  20. Git/Github;
  21. Subversion;
  22. MySQL Workbench; and
  23. VMware.

As a result of this extensive software quality assurance training, our graduates are well-equipped to solve challenging problems and bring value to software development companies. The program is divided into 3 sections:

  • Software Testing Methodology (85 hours) – covers all aspects of Software Testing Life Cycle and various test management tools
  • Test Automation (110 hours) – covers most popular test automation tools
  • Essential Testing Skills (75 hours) – covers system-level knowledge that a software tester needs to possess such as RDMS, SQL, Unix, Version control systems, Virtualization, etc.

The program also includes an Academic project (to get testing experience in the field during the study) and an Internship (to get industry experience after graduation). Resume preparation, interview training, references, and assistance in a job search are included. Successful graduates are awarded Certificate in Software QA and Software Testing. More information about the program outline can be found here: CF109 Software QA and Software Testing Program Outline – Hitek Computer School (

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