Software QA Training in Montreal. Online Program

Hitek Computer School (based in Vancouver, BC) delivers practical online Software Testing course Montreal.

Course description:

The course provides training in Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance. It prepares graduates for doing manual and automated testing of software applications to determine that they satisfy specified requirements, to demonstrate that they are fit the purpose, and to detect defects.

QA Training Montreal delivered online

The Software Quality Assurance Training we offer covers the following topics:

  1. Software Development Life Cycle;
  2. Software Quality and Software Errors;
  3. Understanding requirements and working with documentation;
  4. Effective Test Planning;
  5. Test Design;
  6. Structural Testing;
  7. Web Testing;
  8. Testing Mobile Apps;
  9. Test Management software;
  10. Test Automation with Unified Functional Testing;
  11. Test Automation with Selenium WebDriver;
  12. TestNG framework;
  13. Testing API/Web services;
  14. Automation of Stress and Performance Testing;
  15. RDMS and SQL;
  16. Cloud Computing/Virtual machines;
  17. Version Control systems;
  18. UNIX/Linux;

Testing of Software belongs to a type of profession that can only be mastered through the actual performance of the work. For this reason, we have developed special training software containing plenty of errors. The student is to find the errors and report them in the same way as in actual work. Each new lesson introduces new kinds of tests for the student to pass. The course makes the student pass through all stages of the actual work as a tester to acquire practical knowledge and self-confidence.

Our training comprised of 3 courses:

  • Software Testing Methodology (manual testing)
  • Test Automation (5 most popular automation tools)
  • Essential Testing Skills (Relational Databases/SQL, Virtualization, Quality Management, professional resume preparation, interview training, etc.).

During the study, students participate in a live academic project to get practical experience in testing. After graduation, an internship is provided to get additional industry experience.

More information about the online software testing course Montreal can be found here: CF109 Software QA and Software Testing Program Outline – Hitek Computer School (

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Software QA and Software Testing Course