How To Find A Good Software Testing Training in Toronto

Becoming a software tester requires careful training and the willingness to keep learning. You can start by taking up a software testing course in Toronto, preferably from a reputable school that offers online training. Whether you’re a novice or have been involved in the industry for a while, an expert-led training program should provide everything you need to master the software quality assurance discipline.

Software testing is a growing niche and career choice. It’s not uncommon for some professionals to change careers to take advantage of opportunities from software development companies. Many companies allow employees to work remotely, with attractive incentives and salaries. Software testing courses can provide the qualifications you need to prove your capabilities, which increases the chances to get hired.

What are the options?

Every software testing course in Toronto differs in its content and topics. Choose something that can increase your skills and knowledge in software testing, and Quality Assurance

For instance, if you are new to the industry, find a comprehensive software quality assurance and testing program that teaches everything from the best techniques to writing bug reports and conducting different tests to the development of test automation scripts and writing SQL queries.

If you are at a point where you have mastered the basics and looking to learn more, try courses that can advance your knowledge, experience, and credentials. Here are some ideas:


    • Software test automation course – the course course should cover widely used automation tools, such as UFT, Soap UI, WebLOAD, and REST API,
    • Consider taking the course that in addition to software testing subject also gives you a system-level knowledge, that will make you a real IT pro. Such course should cover:
      • Software Architecture
      • Relational Databases
      • SQL
      • UNIX
      • Capability Maturity Models
      • Version Control Systems
      • Cloud Computing and Virtual Machines.