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Welcome to Hitek Computer School!

Hitek Computer School provides education and training in Software QA and Software Testing to prepare students for doing manual and automated testing of modern software applications according to Information Technology standards today.

Career in Software Testing

Software testing is a fast route for those who want to get a well paid job and have a limited amount of time on their hands.

The job of a software tester is to find and report the differences between the actual and expected behaviour of a software product. The education needed and set of skills required are easy to learn. With 4-6 months of our qa training and internship, anyone with a passion for software testing and a bit of common sense can successfully find a job as a Software Tester in the Information Technology Industry.

Here at Hitek Computer School we will teach you all necessary techniques, methodologies and tools you need to know to build a successful career as a Software Tester.

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Certificate in Software QA and Software Testing
Certificate in Software Test Automation
Certificate in Software Test Automation with Selenium WebDriver