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Learn Software Testing Life Cycle, Defect Tracking, Test Planning, Test Design, Test Management, and more.


Get in-depth knowledge of the most popular test automation tools for Functional/Regression and Stress/Performance testing.


After graduation, participate in an internship with one of our cooperative software companies and get real-life QA experience.


Upon successful completion receive a certificate showing your achievement for completing one of our rigorous classes.

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This software testing course online helped me understand how the practical work of a Software Tester looks like. The assignments were excellent and the instructor’s response was timely, complete and inspiring. I was able to find a job in 2 months after graduation. Thank you! Edward, New York, NY


The program makes it easy for people from a non-technical background to learn and understand the concepts. Fast support, helpful feedback and practical assignments. The internship gives you relevant experience which potential employers look at and evaluate. After completing the program, I got a job as a software tester! Karamjeet, Delta, BC

The course of Software Quality Assurance offered by the school is the best that I could find. It covers absolutely everything that is necessary to find a job in the industry. I had 7 interviews in my first 2 weeks after finishing the course, and was able to find the job. 90% of questions asked by the employers were covered in the course. Good job, guys. Alex, Vancouver, BC

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Boost your Career with Software QA training and Quality Assurance Courses Online

Hitek Computer School offers a full package for your employment:

Extensive training covers the latest testing techniques, methodologies, and tools. Participate in a real-time Academic project while studying to get hands-on knowledge.  Professional resume preparation, interview training, and references included. Post-graduation internship to solidify your skills and gain practical experience.

Why Us


Hitek Computer School provides comprehensive QA courses online, tailored to suit the needs of both newcomers seeking to enter the software testing field and experienced testers looking to advance their skills. Our software QA training program is designed to encompass all facets of manual and automated testing, ensuring that our students gain a profound understanding of the subject matter.

Hitek Computer School’s online QA classes offer an extensive range of testing tools, equipping our students with essential expertise in test management and test automation. With a strong emphasis on hands-on learning, our curriculum imparts practical knowledge that nurtures each student’s potential, transforming them into competent IT professionals ready to take on real-world challenges.

We provide dedicated support in crafting impressive resumes and honing interview skills. We understand that succeeding in the competitive job market requires not just technical proficiency but also effective communication and presentation skills. Our experienced instructors guide students through interview training, preparing them to shine in any job-seeking situation.

By enrolling in Hitek Computer School’s Quality Assurance courses online, you are embarking on a transformative educational journey that opens doors to promising career opportunities in the ever-evolving IT industry. With our expert guidance and comprehensive training, you can confidently embark on a successful and fulfilling career in software quality assurance.

What Employers Say About Hitek Computer School Graduates

The team at Hitek did a great job finding an intern which fit our business needs, we had a very positive experience with their work experience program. We found our intern to be familiar with recent testing methods and able to directly apply them quickly upon learning our product line. We have since brought our intern on as a full time team member.
– David Stevens, General Manager, Liquivision Products Inc.

We have been consistently impressed with the Hitek graduates who have interned with us. They have demonstrated a strong understanding of the fundamentals, good team skills and an professional outlook. In addition, Oleg has worked with us to ensure we have candidates that best suit our company and needs.
– Laura Williams, Senior Developer, Ethelo Decisions

I worked with revolving groups of Hitek Computer School interns on Readium project. We had interns to provide QA software testing and feedback of our cross-platform chrome extension and cloud reader e-readers. Hitek interns were very helpful in assisting us with this project, performing system and regression testing and provided timely and detailed feedback of our software. I would definitely consider hiring someone from their pool of graduates.
– Duan Walker, Business Analyst at Baker & Taylor

Software QA and Software Testing Course

Hitek Computer School is regulated by the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills


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