Truth and Myth About Software Testing

I want to dispel a common myth you’ve probably heard about—that you need a Computer Science degree to work in the Information Technology (IT) industry.

At one point or another, many of our now-employed graduates had never even considered software testing—even though its one of the best-paid positions in the IT sector.

Why not? Because everyone thinks having a computer science degree is a NECESSITY when in reality, it’s just a bonus. Sure, you NEED to know how to open text editor and work with browser—but most importantly—you need to be diligent, motivated, and disciplined to succeed in this career.

The computer science degree “myth” scares off a lot of people—and the worst part is, these people don’t even know what testers really do!

Software testing is all about looking at an application that seemingly “works” and proving it DOESN’T. Or proving it works incorrectly. Or maybe it works, but key pieces are missing entirely. I’ll explain what I mean…

Imagine a GPS app on your iPhone that gives you wrong directions. Or, imagine, setting your iPhone alarm to wake you for an important work meeting and having it malfunction. Apple wouldn’t allow such a defective product to see the light of day.

By interacting with the software and finding errors, you can tell the programmers, “hey—this needs fixing.”

In many companies, testers are paid just as much as programmers. They’re also paid way more than salespeople.

Why? Even great sales people can’t push defective products for long. In our hyper-connected world, everyone hears about what goes wrong.

That’s why companies are investing more in testing their products and ensuring great quality.

That’s where you come in.

What does a software tester (sometimes called a software test engineer or QA analyst) really do?

· Performs various types of tests during different phases of the software’s development

· Ensures the end product does what it’s supposed to do—it meets the requirements

· Ensures the end product is secure, reliable, and easy-to-use

Don’t worry if most of this sounds like techno-mumble-jumbo right now. Our certification program teaches you all of this and more.

Believe me—you don’t need to waste four years of your life, and at least 25K into a computer science degree if you want to pursue software testing. The responsibilities of a software tester can be learned in a much more efficient, practical way. In fact, over 60% of software testers working in the IT industry DO NOT have a computer science degree.

We offer a six-month training course on Software QA and Software Testing. You can take our free trial lessons and exams to see if this is the right path for you.

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Truth and Myth About Software Testing

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