Software QA Interview Questions and Answers

There are numerous questions asked in the interview when you are applying for a Software QA position. Software quality assurance courses will help you to gain technical knowledge in software testing methodology and test automation, however, you need to be well prepared to face the technical interview. Applying for the position and getting shortlisted in one of the toughest phases in job search and required much thoughts and preparation. You will get the job offer only if your performance in the interview is outstanding and it exceeds the expectations of the client.

Here’s is a list of the most common questions asked in QA interviews:

Explain the difference between Quality assurance (QA) and Software Testing
Quality Assurance – focuses on ‘prevention’. It covers all software development processes. This includes monitoring and improving the process, ensuring that standards and procedures are followed, and that problems are identified and resolved. QA encompasses processes such as code reviews and release management.

Software Testing – A subset of Quality Assurance is Software testing. Software testing focuses on ‘detection’. Testing is one process that helps ensure software quality. It is the process of examining software components in order to find errors.

What are the most popular software test automation tools currently on the market?
● Selenium WebDriver
● SoapUI
● Watir
● Open STA
Note: You can mention all the tools you know and prioritize it according to your level of expertise.

How do you write a good test case?
A good test case should contain the following:
● Test case ID
● Test Case objective
● Priority of Execution
● Actions/Steps
● Test Data
● Expected Results
● Actual Results

What are the characteristics of a good test case?
Some characteristics of a good test case are:
• Likely to identify the error
• Able to test more than one variable
• Economic performance
• Low maintenance effort when software changes or is updated

What is a Maintenance Release and Hot Fix?
Maintenance Release – when the software delivered to the customer, defects may be discovered that could push the system back into the Coding and Testing phases to implement fixes. As a result, a fixed version of the software is released, and it is called Maintenance Release or Service Pack
Hot Fix – when urgent fix released for the specific customer it is called Hot Fix.

What are the advantages of agile testing?
In agile testing, testers do not need to wait until the development is completed. The code can be tested immediately, however, this requires constant communication with the development team.

Software QA Interview Questions and Answers

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