Three Things You Did Not Know About Software Testing

  1. Software Testing is one of the most in-demand jobs. A recent report from Fortune Magazine ranked software quality assurance engineers and testers #7 in its list of the top 10 most in-demand jobs. It’s no surprise – with the increasing amount of smart devices in our day to day lives, companies need more qualified testers to perfect their apps.
  2. High and fast growing compensation rates. According to the report of job search site average tester salary in the USA is $90K per year, 62K in Canada
  3. High job satisfaction. Software testing and quality assurance engineers are perennially ranked amongst the happiest jobs. Database administrator, quality assurance engineer and executive recruiter are probably not the three jobs that spring to mind when you think of the professions with the most cheerful and fulfilled workers. But they top a new list of the happiest and unhappiest jobs compiled by the online jobs site CareerBliss. The list comes from an analysis of 25,000 reviews by the site’s users, collected over the past year. The reviews included 7,800 different job titles.
Three Things You Did Not Know About Software Testing

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