What does a Software Tester do?

A Software Tester/Software Test Engineer performs testing of software applications and is a member of Quality Assurance team in a software company. Various types of testing are performed on different phases of the Software Development Life Cycle to find errors and assure quality. The main responsibility of Software Tester is to validate that the software works according to the requirements and to make sure that it is reliable, secure and easy to use.

The training and skills required are easy to learn (4-6 months of software testing training at Hitek Computer School is sufficient to get entry level position). Salaries are high (from $25-$30/hour starting rates to $60-$75/hour for more experienced specialists) and the demand for testers is high and growing every year.

Software testing is a unique niche in a job market that allows regardless of your previous profession, background, and age, to get an interesting, respected, and well paid job in a relatively short amount of time.

What does a Software Tester do?

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