How to Get Software Testing Experience in North America?

It is true that without having software testing experience in a country of residence, chances for employment in IT as a tester are very slim. It is really a vicious circle: one cannot get a job because he has no experience, but how to get an experience without first having a job?

Here is how we at Hitek Computer School provide a solution for that situation:

  • First of all, each Hitek Computer School student participates in an Academic Project where they test web based financial applications. Students will work as testers on this project – writing test plans and test cases, performing different types of tests, and designing and running test automation. This experience (usually equal to the time frame of a student’s study at Hitek – up to 12 months) will be reflected in student’s resume. A reference will be provided to potential employers by the student’s team lead based on student requests.
  • Next, our school will provide an internship after graduation – an opportunity to work for one of our cooperative software companies as a Software Tester. Our internships are normally 3-4 months. If necessary, school will provide two or more internships. This experience will be reflected in the student’s resume and the company’s representative will provide a reference to potential employers.

Together the academic project and internship(s) will result in software testing experience up to 1.5 – 2 years or more.

How to Get Software Testing Experience in North America?

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